What People Are Saying

All Across the World
SSG Swofford writes,

Hello, i just wanted to write this morning and say thank you for all the prayers you have sent up for myself,and all the others that are over here,and my family back home,as for me i was just home on R&R leave the first week in august and,i seen in a paper where you had printed an article where we had been e-mailing,thank you,some how it made back to my wife,and i think she really felt better when she read this, All of you there,and the radio station,and with gods help,are touching so many people at home and over here,and,i want to thank you all personally,it really means that much to me to be on your prayer list,i look foward to talking to you later,may the blessing of our god be,bestowed on you this day.
SSG Swofford

Answering the Call
Patty shared,
“I love your station. You are a wonderful encouragement to those who love the Lord. God is using you in such a powerful way. Thank you for answering the call upon your lives.”

Returning to the Lord
Leslie writes,
“I just want you to know what a difference your station has made in my life. I just recently turned back to Christ and I know if it were not for your station, I would be tempted to listen to all the other junk on the radio. You keep my day directed towards that great path in which we all need to follow towards the Lord.”

Shining Through the Radio
From Horse Shoe, NC comes
“Thank you so much for your wonderful caring love that shines thru my radio and tells me how much your love Jesus our Savior. God bless this network as you minister to our world that needs to know the power of His great love.”

Trust Strengthened
Lynn shares,
“While 2004 was the most challenging year in my 50 years on earth, I had a steadfast friend available at all times of the day or night in WMIT. Knowing that WMIT is committed to bringing encouragement and truth to God’s people through His Word, my trust in God was strengthened through your broadcasts when my circumstances looked anything but peaceful. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”

God’s Hands with Me
Elizabeth writes,
“I listen to WMIT every morning as I go to work and on my way home from work. You are making me feel like God’s hands are on me as I go to work. Praying–I do every day. Prayers are my medicine. God gives me the strength to work and help take care of my family. I work with a lot of non-believers and prayers are said for them everyday. Thank you for your broadcasts, I really do enjoy the music and the teachings.”

Music with Meaning
A listener shares,
“I love 106.9 the Light WMIT. I’ve listened for about 5 years now, and I can’t imagine listening to anything else. The music has so much meaning behind it. It really lifts me up especially now after I was recently diagnosed with cancer. I feel I’m really blessed though. The Lord has kept me strong and positive. I know He will see me through. Thank you for your station and God bless.”

Joy from Listening
Leisha writes,
“I would like to say THANK-YOU so much for your music. I have gotten so much joy from listening and I know when music is on in the car, my kids will only hear things of God. I also listen at work to 106.9 the Light WMIT. God bless and keep all in His hand.”

Centering My Walk
Pauline shares,
“Your station has been such a centering entity in my walk with the Lord. I love the music, but even more so, I enjoy the fabulous speakers that you have daily. They have become my old and dear friends. Thank you for all the work you are doing for the people in our area.”

Through Good & Tough Times
A listener writes,
“I love WMIT. I have been listening now for about 5-6 years. It has been a help to me in tough times through the death of my father, the illness of my mother and husband, and the trials my children have been through, but it has also been there for me through the good times also. My radio in my car is never off 106.9 the Light WMIT. Thanks so much for your station. You are in my prayers. Keep up the good work.”

Helpful Teaching
Shelley writes,
“I really enjoy listening to your radio station. My husband and I are both ‘re-newed’ Christians. It is wonderful. The sermons I hear going down the road are very helpful and get me through the rest of the day.”

A Pastor’s Thanks
A pastor from Mooresville writes,
“I appreciate 106.9 the Light WMIT and encourage our church family to listen regularly as I do myself.”

Encouragement Overnight
Joshua writes,
“I love WMIT, especially Louis Grant (overnight announcer). I drive a truck mostly third shift. It’s great to hear someone with such a positive outlook on life like Louis at 2 AM in the morning. It really encourages me. Thanks for getting it out over so many states.”

Inspiration Everyday
Michelle shares,
“I enjoy listening to your inspiring shows everyday. The Lord has brought me through so much and I can’t thank him enough. I am so grateful for people like you and your station broadcasting the Good News of our Awesome Lord.”

The Right Message at the Right Time
Tamara writes,
“About 3 years ago I was in some counseling that was ordered by the courts because of some trouble that I had gotten into…A pastor of a local church agreed to give me counseling for free because I had no money. When I first walked up to the doors of the church, I told God not to mess with me because I was there to get my paper signed and get on with my life. Two weeks into my counseling, I went home one afternoon and I felt good. The pastor and I talked about how when your heart’s ‘trash can’ is filled and not emptied, it starts to stink. The stink prevents us from feeling the Holy Spirit knocking on our hearts because we don’t know what or where the ‘knock’ is coming from. I felt like I had ’emptied’ some of my trash; so for the first time in my life I turned on 106.9 the Light WMIT. I caught the last part of a sermon ‘just in time’ for the salvation message. As I stood there washing dishes with soap all over my hands, I knew the Lord was at my door! I turned around and stuck my hands out, crying like I had never cried before, repeated the ‘prayer’ and turned my life over to the Lord then. I have not been the same since. Thank you for the programs that you air because you never know when the ‘right time’ will be for the next Tamara. Keep up the good work!”

Refreshment Day & Night
Kristl shares,
“Thanks a bunch…and God bless you for your ministry. We listen to you all the time…even during the nighttime hours. We have four children and you never know when we could be awakened. It is very refreshing to hear God’s word during those hours when you don’t feel like being awake. It changes my whole attitude.”

Part of the Family
Jenna writes,
“Love your station, can’t live without it. Thanks for your wonderful ministry; you are a part of my family.”

Daily Strength
Susan shares,
“Thanks so much for your programming and how you let God lead in all that is done. It comes through in the music, the missions projects, the announcers… 106.9 the Light WMIT is just a real blessing and daily strength for me.”

Thank You
Angie writes,
“I listen to your radio station everyday and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. It helped me so much to get through each day when my brother was serving in Iraq. Thank you so much!”

Satisfying the Yearning
Grace Ann shares,
“I listen to 106.9 all the time. I travel with my job, so I listen to teaching in the morning and music in the afternoon. Your broadcast is such a strength and inspiration to me. Each one of you has strengthened my walk with Jesus. I want to thank you for your Easter broadcasts. I have such a deep yearning to learn more about Jesus; and, you contribute greatly through teaching from the Bible and the Christian music you play. Thank you!”

Radio for the Family
Phil writes,
“Thank you so much for your willingness and perseverance to keep in contact with your listeners. Our family enjoys listening to 106.9 the Light WMIT… When we travel out of the listening area, we are unable to find a radio station that comes close to the quality of 106.9. Thank you for all you are doing. Keep up the great work!”