Military Bible Stick Project

In honor of Independence Day, we wanted to let you know about a great ministry called Faith Comes By Hearing which provides our brave men and women a Military BibleStick.

The Military BibleStick is a digital audio player that is pre-loaded with a dramatized recording of the entire New Testament. About 3.5 inches long and less than an inch thick, these pocket-sized Audio Bibles are field-friendly with a low-key design which reduces visibility for use in low-light situations.

Chaplains from every branch of the military are flooding Faith Comes By Hearing with requests. Over 100,000 of these Audio Bibles are now in the field. Over 700 chaplains use Military BibleSticks in pre-deployment briefings, counseling sessions, Bible studies, weekly chapels and other spiritual services.

Our soldiers put it all on the line for us. This is an opportunity for us to give them the message of hope and comfort while they serve their country so bravely! If you would like to provide our military with a Military BibleStick, then you can click the button below to make it happen! You can also call 1 (800) 800-2555 to donate!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Military BibleStick project.

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  1. brandy Shute
    brandy Shute at |

    Son soon to be deployed–how can I purchase a Military Bible Stick for my son?

    1. 106.9 the Light
      106.9 the Light at |

      Hi Brandy…. First, let me say that we would be honored to lift your son in prayer!
      Now, on to your question… The Bible Sticks are from Faith Comes by Hearing. This link will take you to their website and you’ll find their contact information at the bottom of that page:
      Blessings to you!

  2. Colonel Clifford E. Keys (Retired)
    Colonel Clifford E. Keys (Retired) at |

    Are contributions to your project tax deductible?

    1. Alicia Murray
      Alicia Murray at |

      Yes, all gifts are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

  3. Michael lee
    Michael lee at |

    I have a small ministry that helps the disabled veteran’s. is there you can donate bible sticks to my ministry these veteran’s stay in their beds and listen to all this.

    1. 106.9 the Light
      106.9 the Light at |

      Michael… I’m sorry, but the Bible Sticks don’t come from us. We’ve promoted them in the past, but they’re a ministry of Faith Comes By Hearing. This link will take you to their website:

  4. Pat Faulk
    Pat Faulk at |

    My church home, West Pittman Baptist Church, Pastor Eddie Easton in Westville Florida decided this past Sunday to take donations to supply our great military men and women with these Biblesticks. This is a wonderful idea and may God bless and keep each one safe..


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