HD Radio

Facts about HD Radio

  • HD (high-definition) radio improves 106.9 the Light WMIT’s signal quality to that of a CD.
  • Broadcasting in HD allows us to have the very signal you’re hearing now; however, with an HD receiver, your radio senses the HD signal and willautomatically switch to the improved CD-quality.
  • Even more significant for the ministry: 106.9 the Light WMIT is able to split our signal into three or four or more individual channels without diminishing the main 106.9 the Light WMIT signal – think of a separate channel that’s for all-Bible teaching, one that’s for all-music, one for Spanish-speakers, etc. That’s like having three or four more radio stations to proclaim Christ where now there’s only one!
  • HD reception for radio is expected to be the norm by 2010. Twelve-hundred stations have or are in the midst of upgrading to HD. Your gifts allow 106.9 the Light WMIT to stay ahead of the pack with the programs and music that SHOULD be ahead of all others: encouraging Christian music and Bible teaching!!!
  • You may be familiar with HDTV. The FCC mandated that TV stations provide an HDTV signal by this year. While the FCC hasn’t yet released such a mandate for radio, it’s expected to do so.
  • Some premium cars are offering HD radio receivers as an upgrade. The option will move to more mainstream models in 2006. Also next year: home HD receivers will enter the market.
  • HD RadioTM equipment is currently available through web-based retailers, such as: Boston AcousticsCrutchfieldJVCKenwoodPanasonic, and Radiosophy.

WMIT and HD Radio

106.9 the Light WMIT began broadcasting its HD RadioTM signal on July 15, 2005 making it the first Christian radio station in the Carolinas to adopt this technology.

High Definition Radio, or HD RadioTM, is changing the sound of radio. The noise and interference that cause the static, hiss, pops and fades sometimes heard on today’s analog radios is virtually eliminated with HD RadioTM digital broadcasting. In addition to crystal clear reception, HD RadioTM technology dramatically enhances sound fidelity providing the clarity of compact discs.

Equally impressive to the digital sound quality is that HD RadioTM technology allows new wireless data services to be delivered from radio stations. 106.9 the Light WMIT broadcasts the name of the artist and title of the song on the radio screen as it’s being played. The station is exploring other ways this feature can be of service to our listeners.

“Our implementation of HD radio on 106.9 the Light WMIT is placing Christian radio as a leader in emerging technology”, remarked Jim Kirkland, General Manager of the station. “The audio improvement in HD is striking. Most important are the new programming opportunites we’ll be creating on the additional channels to 106.9 the Light WMIT’s signal that have been made possible by converting to HD.”
106.9 the Light WMIT’s HD RadioTM signal transmits alongside its current analog FM signal. Little or no change in listener behavior is required since all local radio station dial positions will remain the same. Listeners simply tune to their favorite programs and stations and receive them in either digital or analog format depending on their radio. This dual signal broadcast allows listeners with analog receivers to pick up the broadcast and will be able to upgrade seamlessly to an HD RadioTM digital receiver at their own pace. HD RadioTM equipment is currently available through web-based retailers, and will be available at stores soon.

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