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In February 2009, 106.9 the Light listeners gave to help upgrade a radio transmitter for a Christian radio station in Estonia through Trans World Radio (TWR). On Monday, May 10, 2010, the upgraded 200,000 watt transmitter was activated and began broadcasting Christian programing into areas of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, including the cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and Minsk.

106.9 the Light’s Director of Radio, Jim Kirkland was in Estonia recently and was present for the historic occasion.

Listen as Jim Kirkland reports on the launching of the new 200,000 watt transmitter in Estonia.

Estonia Radio Transmitter
Estonia Radio Transmitter

This is just another example of 106.9 the Light listeners have an impact around the world. Thanks for your support of this project!

On Tuesday, February 24, 106.9 the Light listeners helped reach the countries of Russia and Ukraine with Christian programming through giving to Trans World Radio (TWR), a global Christian radio network. The gifts will go toward upgrading a transmitter that will be able to carry an AM signal to the cities of Moscow, Kiev, St. Petersburg and Minsk.

Having recently learned Russia is no longer permitting TWR to broadcast its program from stations inside the country, the ministry is hoping nonetheless to provide a clear signal there through a Christian station owned by Tartu Family Radio in neighboring Estonia.

“Over 1080 listeners looked past the challenges of our economy and made gifts, some clearly sacrificial, to create an opportunity to change lives with the hope of Jesus Christ,”  said Jim Kirkland, Director of Radio for 106.9 the Light. “At the cost of one penny per prospective listener within the improved signal range over Russia, listeners gave enough to the transmitter upgrade to serve 12,355,214 of the 17 million Russians that will be reached by the transmitter upgrade. If only 1 % hear and respond to the Gospel, that’s 123,000 people. We’re humbled, and give God all the credit for touching the hearts of our listeners.”

The goal was to raise enough money to reach a potential audience of 17 million people – three times larger than the audience of 106.9 The Light – at the cost of only one cent per person. 106.9 The Light’s effort is only one-third of the goal, as TWR plans to raise a total of $52 million.

In September 2001, Blue Ridge Broadcasting donated to the same station a 50-kilowatt AM transmitter, which was subsequently upgraded to a 100-kilowatt AM transmitter. This transmitter now needs to be upgraded to a 200-kilowatt transmitter, to counterbalance what is known as “electrical smog” in the cities they’re hoping to reach.

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