Be The One

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Remember the first day that you discovered “the Light”?  We were there right when you needed us.

The reason we were and are there is because someone is partnering with us to make sure that encouraging Christian music and Bible teaching could continue.  One person you have never meet made a difference in your life!

4 out of 100
If you gathered a group of 100 listeners in a room….only 4 of them could raise their hands to say that they financial partners of the radio ministry of “the Light”.  We are asking for the number to increase by one percent.

Will you be the one of the one percent that is willing to make a difference?

Can one really make a difference? What can one do…  What can…

One radio station…
One person….
One gift…
One broadcast…
One song….
One day…One day accomplish?  It will bring one percent…
One step closer to bring encouragement.
One step closer to the blessing.

The question is will you be one more to step out of the 100?

The one who has seen a return but never participated financially…

The one who values this ministry but never participated financially….

The one who takes one step closer and becomes a part of sharing hope and encouragement to one person who really needs it?

YOU could be the ONE….to encourage a struggling family; to give hope to a single parent; to extend hope to the one who is struggling financially?

If you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself, this is your opportunity to help us reach more people with the hope and encouragement of Jesus.

Will you be the One? Click here to say yes….

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